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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

6 reasons why I'm still in sales.

I am an accidental Sales Woman.

I never wanted to be in sales in the first place.

I wanted to be a product/ brand manager or be in trade marketing.

I wanted to create demand and think of strategies that would drive consumption of a product.

I wanted my products to SELL but I don't want to be in the front line doing the selling.

I ended up in sales though. Not the career I pictured myself in. But I'm here.

And I might die in sales. MIGHT. We never know.

Going back, I ended up in sales. But I have the freedom to choose a different path. But I didn't.

See, I enjoy what I do. Sure there are crappy things about my job. But obviously there are tons of benefits by being in sales that obviously made me stay in this line of work for almost half a decade already

Reason Number 1: I get to drive a car! Plus have tools like laptops and company phone!

Shallow reason? Yes.
I did not have the capability of buying my own car since I was just fresh out of college. Don't you think the lure of a free car with free gas allowance isn't enough to entice you?

I sure did!

Add that to the fact that most companies I know will let you buy that car after a few years at a fraction of a cost of acquisition. I get to buy a car for pennies! Well not exactly pennies because it has already depreciated by then. But still! With proper care knowing the car will be yours someday, you might even get to sell it and earn a profit!

Warning: never cite this as a reason why you want to be in sales! Or else!

Reason Number 2: Travel!

Aside from Olongapo, Pampanga, Tagaytay, and Cavite I have never really travelled. I find it costly.
But since I am already in sales, and fortunately I am handling a National account, I get to travel for free!

I wouldn't be able to visit Visayas and Mindanao provinces if not for my job. Sure, I have yet to be in Boracay or Palawan. Or, even out of the country. BUT, for sure it will happen. And I might not even need to use personal money for it (provided I have accounts opening in those areas. Hehehe).

It's mixing business with pleasure. You don't get to travel for free if you're on a regular 9-5 job you know. But then, when you get interviewed, never cite this reason why you want to be in sales! You'll look like you want to go on vacation all the time. :)

Reason Number 3: Control your own time!

Field sales people like yours truly are required to do certain number of calls a day. So if I am able to productively finish all of them before 3pm rolls in, more or less you can do whatever you want.

Just make sure you're really done for the day!

Reason Number 4: Earn Tons of MOOLAH!

Let's be honest, I don't want to work for peanuts. When you're in sales, you earn what you are worth!

Ok let's be realistic, you have to earn your keep.

You need to work extra hard so you can earn commission after commission on top of your basic salary.

But then you have to work smart. And I know a lot of people who work smart and earn an additional half a million a year in commissions alone. Not bad eh? But, that's not me in case you want to ask me for a treat. :P

Reason Number 5: Meet New Friends!

Need I say more?

Reason Number 6: Trained for bigger things in life.

I remember those days when I walk along EDSA with my trusty umbrella and I knock on people's doors and try to set an appointment with their finance managers so I can offer them my bank's savings/checking account, and other financial services.

I remember being shouted at by a potential client upon finding out I was not Chinese. The client only dealt with fellow Chinese. I was escorted out of his office.

I remember riding in trucks and selling medicine in far flung towns in Mindanao even though there was a bomb threat.

Or being in a very WET (meaning flooded) market to sell Catsup and Vinegar and merchandising the products bought while dead vermin floated nearby.

My feet went numb after being a pharmacist for a day, dispensing medicine just to get the feel of the drugstore dynamics so I know how to deal with my drugstore customers.

I had to become a promo girl at one time. Giving out samples of our products at a Bingo event that I sponsored. Manpower was limited. As such, I had to help out.

It was HARD. Your patience was tested. Your ability to obtain leads was tested.Your ability to convince the potential client to shift from well known competitors to yours was tested. Your resiliency was stretched to near breaking point. You get to learn how to delay gratification. You learn to bounce back from adversity and mistakes.

I learned to deal with the hard knocks of life because of my work. My hands got dirty but I have become a tougher and focused person as a result.

There's more good reasons to cite but that's left for another time. I just want to say that sometimes you can read entries about me ranting about work. But honestly, I don't think I'll be elsewhere other than Sales. A different industry maybe. But still in Sales.

Some things must be kept a secret

I noticed that Blogger does not do private entries unlike Livejournal.

As such, I have to revive THE OTHER SALES BLOG because it has a password function for selected entries!

If ever I blogged about something that needs a password first, do send me a message! It means it's sensitive. Meaning, I might get fired. Harharhar.

Kidding. No seriously.

Simple Career Advice that Kicks Ass

Just wanted to share this presentation with you. Practical, straight to the point, and very entertaining.

I hope you enjoy this!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Luxury of Sleep and the disturbance from people who have no life.

On a normal day, I wake up at 4am, be at the office by a quarter past 6, do my work the whole day, and I get home by 8pm at the earliest.

Usually, I have reports and paperwork to be done still. I get to sleep at around 11pm or if I am lucky, at 10pm. If I am unfortunate, I get to sleep past 12mn. And then I wake up at 4am again and the cycle goes on.

I wake up early so I can beat the traffic. By waking up early I get to be at work before 7am rolls in. If I leave the house even 15 minutes later than my usual time, either I get to work at past 7am or worse, nearing 8am.

Traffic is horrendous in my place for reasons that boggle my mind. And that goes the same for coming back home from work.

As such, sleep is a precious for me. Saturday mornings are spent sleeping in. Usually I wake up around lunch time, unless I have errands that I need to do in the morning. But more often than not, I sleep in.

My family does not disturb me.

Sunday mornings also mean waking up around 9am, do errands, then take an afternoon nap by 3 or 4pm, wake up at 7 or 8pm to have dinner, and off I go again to do some quick paperwork, sleep by 10pm, and then wake up at 4am.

For somebody who sleeps an average of 4-5 hours a day, I get iffy when somebody disturbs me for no valid reason whenever I get the chance to rest.

Last night was utter torture.

I was lucky enough to sleep around 9pm. By half past 10, I got a call from somebody I don't know. It woke me up. I answered it. The person on the other end just kept saying "Hello". If you call me and you don't introduce yourself immediately, I will put the phone down. I put the phone down.

As I was about to fall asleep again when the person called again. I ignored the call. But I texted the person "Who is this please?".

The reply I got "Ako nga pala si Jun. Pwedi (YES... I think he is, no offense, from a province in the south because of his spelling) b tau clm8 if ok lang sau".

Translation: "Hi I'm Jun, can we be cellmates (meaning cellphone mates) if it's ok with you".

Obviously it's NOT OK. What DECENT and EDUCATED person randomly calls at past 10 in the evening and asks you to be cellphone mates? I personally believe people WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO does those things.

Doesn't he know that there's the internet for such things?!

I put my phone on silent mode and ignored the text message.

But he kept calling and calling and calling. He called at 11:30pm, he called at past 12mn. My eyes look so bloodshot that the guard earlier wanted to check me if I had A(H1N1)!!!!!!!!!

My sleep is ruined. And now I have a splitting headache.

And I want to hurt somebody. Seriously. Grrrr.

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